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Washington Heights Academy’s emphasis on collaboration extends to its school governance structures, which play an integral role in guiding the school’s direction and growth. Teachers and other staff members are invited and encouraged to join one or more of our school governance teams to support and enrich the education of our children.

School Leadership Team (SLT): The SLT is responsible for determining the school’s educational direction, its overall education vision and goals, and the alignment of resources to support these priorities. Its core responsibilities include producing an annual Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) and developing a school-based budget aligned with the CEP. As mandated by the Department of Education, the SLT is comprised of parents (including the PTA president), school staff, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) representative, and the Principal. Members of the SLT are elected in two-year terms.

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA): Through its monthly meetings and different functions, the PTA provides a forum for collaboration among parents, teachers and administration. PTA members plan and implement special events and fundraising activities on behalf of the school. PTA-sponsored events have included an annual school carnival, a student art show, bake sales, and special family nights, in which each grade enjoys an evening of activities on a special theme, such as a Kindergarten Literacy Celebration or a First Grade Math Night.  PTA sub-committees provide opportunities to pursue special interests, such as the school’s newsletter, yearbook and arts programs. Elected PTA officers coordinate activities and represent the school in district and citywide meetings.

Steering Committee: All parents, teachers and staff are welcome to serve on the WHA Steering Committee, which works with the school administration to advance the long-term development of the school. Activities include advising on curricular choices, recruitment, planning for future space needs, and helping to screen and interview applicants for staff positions through a hiring committee. The Steering Committee also helps to strengthen WHA’s relationships with the wider community through outreach to elected officials, community partners, local residents and other schools.

Friends of Washington Heights Academy (FWHA): Friends of WHA is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization created to raise funds to benefit Washington Heights Academy. FWHA solicits membership donations, writes grant proposals, holds special events and collaborates on other projects to generate resources to support the school’s educational programs. FWHA meets monthly to plan these activities; all interested parents and staff are welcome to attend these meetings.